Folding knives

The Scarperia knife has always been an excellent artisan product, in fact the knife makers’ statutes in 1500 sanctioned rules both on the sale and use of materials, to protect the quality of Scarperia’s cutting irons. The knife is a product that has survived wars, ban laws, poverty, earthquakes, changes in habits and modernity. Our philosophy is to keep the artisanal heritage and contribute to its development so that Scarperia knives are still appreciated and famous worldwide. The knife has become more refined in details and in the manufacturing technique: the pieces are assembled and finished by hand one by one, and in some cases even forged on the anvil. Saladini knives are made of traditional materials, which, thanks to the possibilities offered today by technology, are increasingly perfected, respecting classic shapes. The blades work on a Teflon bushing, to make the opening and closing mechanism slide better, and the nails used to block the blade have been replaced with a refined male/female stainless steel screw depicting the tower of the Scarperia castle, so that it allows you to work on the knife for any maintenance.

Kitchen Knives

Saladini’s kitchen knives are perfect for both professional use and everyday use at home. They are made of forged steel, which guarantees our blades an excellent hardness and resistance. We use natural materials such as ox horn, buffalo horn and wood in our handles, which, thanks to their variability, make each of our products a unique piece.

Historical knives

The history of our country has handed down to us many historical models of knives, which have come down to us despite numerous prohibition laws and the inevitable deterioration of time. Antique knives that still retain their charm, we call them as “special”, but they have to be considered real collector’s jewels, sometimes embellished with inlays and engravings. Our reproductions of these historic knives are made strictly by hand and upon customer request, because of the difficulty and many hours of work needed in their finishing. These collectible knives represent the true heritage of history and art that we try to pass on, with all the passion for our work.

Cigar cutter

This is a Saladini collection dedicated to the world of slow smoking, with table and pocket cigar cutters. The best qualities of the Saladini cigar cutter are the refinement of the finishes and the cut, suitable for both small and larger caliber cigars. The coverings our cigar cutters are always made of traditional natural materials, such as ox horn or olive wood, but they can be customized according to the customer’s needs.