Even today, forged blades are produced at Saladini’s and our logo is deeply marked on the blades (punching)to guarantee this manufacturing process. In fact, our logo can be can deeply impressed in the steel when the blade has not yet been hardened by tempering. Many blades found on the market, however, are already hardened and can only be marked with superficial techniques, such as laser engraving. The punched brand is therefore a sign of originality that distinguishes our products from those usually found on the market and it is an additional guarantee for our customers. The choice of steel is very selective, we use high quality hardened steels , stainless steels with high carbon content or totally carbon steel. Steel processing is mainly split into two methodologies: sheared blades and forged blades. Sheared blades are used for switchblades, cigar cutters and a line of table knives. These blades are made from steel sheets that have thicknesses already prepared for their use.

Forged blades, on the other hand, undergo a more complex treatment and in our production they are used for table and kitchen knives, sometimes also for particular collector’s knives where forging requires the manual skill of working with a hammer and anvil.