To maintain the high quality of our products, while ensuring optimum performance and avoiding any compromise of their effectiveness, we recommend that you do not expose them for long periods of time to sunlight or place them near to sources of high heat. This may dehydrate the natural materials, which could warp the handles.


To clean the product, we recommend washing it by hand rather than putting it in a dishwasher, since the action of the detergent and the long soaking in water could damage the handle made from natural materials or the steel blade. It is essential to dry the knife after washing.


From time to time, it’s a good idea to treat the natural material on the handle with olive oil, especially around the wooden parts. This will keep the material hydrated and prevent any cracks from appearing. Apply a coating of oil with cotton wool and then leave it to soak in for a few minutes before drying it with absorbent paper towel.

Stain removal

The steel in the blade also contains carbon. This element is required for the blade to hold its edge. However, in some cases, it may cause the blade to rust due to the limescale in water or the presence of salts, leaving bluish blotches or small dots of rust.


To sharpen the blade, just use a simple sharpening steel according to our instructions, or while respecting the gradient of the edge (which ranges between 15 and 20 degrees) and always working against the cutting edge, pass along both sides of the blade until you feel that the knife is sharpened. If further sharpening is required, we recommend bringing the product to our workshop or to any qualified cutler’s shop.


Coltelleria Saladini products are handmade with an expertly crafted finish. Any potential minor imperfections are always down to the nature of the materials and the entirely handcrafted production.


The Coltelleria Saladini guarantees to repair or, if necessary, replace the product in the event of any defects caused by structural or physical problems to the product. The Coltelleria Saladini does not guarantee any products with defects or broken parts caused by poor maintenance, incorrect or improper use of the product, or by accidental damage, such as dropping the knife.


Knives are extremely dangerous and they should therefore be handled with due care and attention.
The Coltelleria Saladini shall have no civil or criminal liability for any damage caused to property or persons due to improper, malicious or criminal use of the knives we have made.


Please remember that the possession of knives is strictly regulated by different laws depending on the governing state. You should therefore check the law with the competent authority. Knives may only be purchased by adults.