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Sabrage saber

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Product Description

The saber is a very original way to open champagne bottles .This was a tradition of the Napoleonic age and the saber was used by soldiers to celebrate war victories; the saber was used to “behead” the bottles and this method was called “sabrage”. The “sabrage” blade doesn’t need to be sharpened because it has to hit the glass of the bottle. It is necessary pouring the blade on the bottle and hitting the bottle neck decisively. The break of the bottle neck must be clear so there will not be splinters because they will be shot by the gas that comes out with a very high pressure . The handle of the sabrage saber can be made of olive wood, wengè wood or padouk wood.



Olive wood


Wengé wood


Padouk wood

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Additional Information

Total Lenght

42 cm, 16,54″

Blade Lenght

29*cm, 11,41 “

Handle Materials

Olive wood, Wenge wood, Padouk wood


ma5mv hardened stainless steel, 304 stainless steel guard

Blade thickness

4 mm, 0,15 “