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Big steak knife “Rustico”

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Imagine the Tuscan countryside with its traditions and habits and large big set wooden tables with delicious T-bone steaks on them: the “Rustico” of Saladini cutlery is the perfect steak knife. Rustico is larger than the usual steak knives, in fact it’s 11,024 inches of perfection and uniqueness. The blade is large and sharp, with a smooth cut, and it is forged. It curves downward to allow the meat to be cut up to the tip. The blade is fixed to its solid handle with a hidden tang.. The handle is larger and stronger than that of any other dinner knife, and it is made of unpolished ox horn to completely express the concept of “rustic”. The handle is solid and without rivets, and it has the typical rounded shape of all Saladini’s kitchen knives. The “Rustico” is an amazing steak knife and it’s a perfect mix of high quality cutting skills, novelty and tradition.



Ox horn


Buffalo horn


Olive wood


Mixed wood




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Additional Information

Handle Materials

Ox horn, Buffalo horn, Olive wood, Mixed Wood, Resin

Total Lenght

27 cm, 10,63 “

Blade Lenght

13 cm, 5,12 “