Saracca Romagnola

  • Saracca Romagnola | cod. 2008


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This is another knife from Emilia-Romagna, which was very popular in the countryside around this area two centuries ago. The name “Saracca” probably comes from the Italian word sarago which means a white seabream, whose tapered outline resembles the shape of this knife. Its ancient origins date back at least two centuries. This knife was mainly used for work, although it is quite possible that it was used in duels or tavern brawls which were very common at the time. It is a real weapon with the incredibly sturdy frame of the handle, made from a single piece of cow horn, and an external spring mechanism which locks the blade.


Blade: ma5mv stainless steel or carbon steel k110, external spring with stainless steel or carbon steel lock blade
Handle: ox or black buffalo horn tip
Total length: 31 cm | 12,2 ”
Blade length: 14 cm | 5,51 ”



Ox horn


Buffalo horn

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