The Smuggler’s Knife

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This is an ancient knife from the nineteenth century. It belonged to a real life character, a brigand from Ravenna by the name of Stefano Pelloni, known as the Courteous Smuggler (1824-1851), who was a “stain” on the Apennines through Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. His criminal deeds remain legendary to this very day, so much so that for many people he has come to represent that rebellious spirit which roused peoples’ hearts during the Risorgimento, who fought against the strict and oppressive policies of that era. Legend also has it that he used to give part of what he stole from rich travellers to poor families in exchange for their protection. As a result, a bounty was put on his head and he was then betrayed, dying at a young age. The story of the Smuggler lives on in our work with a knife dedicated to him, which is inspired by his original model.


Blade: ma5mv steel, spring with stainless steel hand-decorated blade lock
Handle: consisting of metal plates and studs welded and processed manually in AISI 304 stainless steel, covered with black flamed buffalo horn.
Total legth: 44 cm | 17,32 ”
Blade length: 21 cm | 8,28 ”



Buffalo horn

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