The Lover’s Knife

  • The Lover\\\\\\\\\'s knife | cod. 2001


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The history of lovers’ knives is deeply rooted in popular traditions of certain areas in central and southern Italy, dating back to the 18th century, when this type of knife was given as a token of love. The blades were engraved with a few dedicated words which told of mysterious tales and secret loves. The handles had white bone inlays which looked like eyes (known as dice eyes); according to tradition they were there to ward off the jealous gaze of anyone looking at your lover. Lovers’ knives are highly decorated pieces and consequently they are very complicated to make, although they still hold the same ancient charm as they did in times gone by.


Blade: carbon steel engraved etching, hand-decorated spring latch
Handle: black buffalo horn with bone and silver inlays and silver tie
Total length: 22 cm | 8,66 ”
Blade length: 10 cm | 3,94 “

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